Mercury Circle – Killing Moons

Releasedate:  08-10-2021
Label: Noble Demon

Mercury Circle is a Finnish band. Born as a brainchild in 2018 by ICONCRASH‘s and SWALLOW THE SUN’s Jaani Peuhu, and featuring members of CHILDREN OF BODOM, SLEEP OF MONSTERS & more, they have a unique style consisting of dark rock, synth elements and doom. After the release of “The Dawn of Vitriol” EP, the band is now ready to unleash the debut album “Killing Moons” out via Noble Demon!

“Killing Moons” offers a diverse style ranging from electro/pop to dark/doom metal with a hint of some oriental melodies here and there, making it an impressive record! With that dark metal sound in the spotlight, the melodies will capture you right away. In particular, Jaani’s vocals come from the heart and bring out the emotion in the songs. The harmony between the instruments and the vocals is also another highlight, which makes the album flow easily.

Personally, I found the first half represents the ‘dark metal’ sound of the album whereas the second half shows the slower and progressive side of the band with the longest song “Death Poem” as probably doomiest song! Another highlight I loved was the use of female vocals throughout the record here and there; just listen to “Like Matches”, adding a nice flair! As with everyone some songs stood out more than the others and “Seven Archangels” and “Killing Moons” were definitely love-at-first-sight for me! So magical, dynamic and dark! On the other hand, surely with a diverse sound, everyone might have a different favorite!

From the start to the end, “Killing Moons” is just fantastic and shows the true potential of Mercury Circle. A perfect record for the fall season and surely one of my favorites of this year! Definitely recommended to the lovers who are open to that diverse sound.

Line up:
  • Jaani Peuhu – vocals, guitars, synths
  • Jussi Hämäläinen – guitars, synths, backing vocals
  • Juppe Sutela – guitars
  • Ande Kiiski – bass
  • Jaska Raatikainen – drums

01. The Gates Wide Open
02. Black Mirrors
03. You Open Up The Earth
04. Killing Moons
05. Seven Archangels
06. Call On The Dark
07. Avalanche
08. An Arrow
09. Like Matches
10. Death Poem