19 April 2024

Bodyguerra – Fire & Soul

Releasedate:  15-10-2021
Label: Fastball Records 

Rock formation Bodyguerra is named after a Spanish horse. Guido Stoecker is the one behind it and he gathered a band surrounding his vision for a modern rock formation. They are currently releasing their album called “Fire and Soul”.

The band does not hold back on material, thirteen tracks are waiting for you on this album. They have listened well to the music of the 80s finding some base in this, but by no means you can say it is an 80s band with a modern edge. No, they are living fully in this decade with their sound. They could win a bit more on the production, the balance between all elements is often a bit crooked and the vocals could shine a bit more perhaps.
Listen to a song like “Danger Zone”, it has a daring edge on the build of it, there is space for the guitars to lay down some good riffs in between, the potential is certainly there.

Later in the release you come across “Out of Control” which has a bit of catchiness in it, with that and a bit more they could hit a wider audience to introduce themselves to.

In the bonus tracks they have “Xmas Is Special” which is perhaps more one for the last month of this year, but the calmness they have in this song shows much opportunities.

These guys are showing us potential. An album of a band that can grow well into one you’ll see around a lot. Bodyguerra is working on it!


Line up:
  • Guitars – Guido Stoecker
  • Vocals – Ela Sturm
  • Bass – Danij Perl
  • Drums – Christian Antwerpen
  1. Stay Free
  2. Danger Zone
  3. You Never Know Why
  4. Behind The Clouds
  5. Magical Touch
  6. Steelheart
  7. Soultrail
  8. Breakout
  9. Fire & Soul
  10. Out Of Control
  11. Believe
  12. 100 Mann Und Ein Befehl
  13. Xmas Is Special