4 December 2022

Insomnium – Argent Moon EP

Release Date: 17.09.2021
Label: Century Media Records

Finnish melodic death metal pioneers Insomnium released an EP called ‘Argent Moon’ in 2021. This has been an unexpected surprise for the fans especially after 2019’s full length release ‘Heart Like A Grave’. This EP includes 4 tracks that depict a continuous journey of a protagonist. Insomnium also put that narrative in display in the music videos. You can find them respectively on YT.

The EP has the glorious melodic death metal sound to it in a manner that is not so different from their earlier works. While it can be considered repetitive by an average listener, the fans might simply claim that they have not compromised from their signature style and mood. Argent Moon offers to fans and adds a rare quality of clean melodic vocals to the band’s legacy.

My absolute favorite track of the EP is definitely the powerful ‘The Wanderer’. It closes the EP with a bang also with its pensiveness. The climactic end to the hero/anti-hero’s journey is a mighty one. The Conjurer begins and ends precisely where the The Wanderer begins and ends. complement each other in a cinematic way, if you will. If you’re a fan of the genre or a metalhead in general, definitely check this one out from Insomnium.

Line up:

Markus Hirvonen – Drums

Ville Friman – Guitars and vocals

Niilo Sevänen – Vocals and bass

Markus Vanhala – Guitars

Jani Liimatainen – Guitars and vocals

  1. The Conjurer
  2. The Wanderer
  3. The Reticent
  4. The Antagonist