Duel - In Carne Persona

Duel – In Carne Persona

Releasedate:  01-10-2021
Label: Heavy Psych Sound
Duel's In Carne Persona was released on the 1st of October. The band, hailing from Texas, Austin city, where else? And I'm a pleased man. This is their 4th original album and plays incredibly. Their 3rd album, Valley of Shadows, was gifted to me in vinyl as an anniversary gift, and it did a fantastic job. It felt old but wasn't the fact is that it wasn't. It definitely solidified my faith in Heavy Psych Sounds as a label that doesn't fail. Or at least I don't remember any crappy albums under their wing. In Carne Persona is most definitely not a failing album. Far from it!

Children of the fire” has that vibe that reminds me of classics from that time when punk and metal were genres that were not that well separated. Something like the first two albums of Iron Maiden or Raw Power by Iggy Pop. This modern take of it. “The veil” left me hungry for post-rock or something of the sort. “The Anchor” follows the same idea.

In all honesty, I don’t know exactly which song to choose as a favorite since this album covered my need for proper rock music on a cold October night. For instance, “Behind the sound” is a serious attempt to become a classic. “Bite back” continues from it without being as good, but definitely making its bid. I mean, all the album has a distinguished stoner rock. As a matter of fact, I’m calling it stoner, but it might just be classic rock with deep vocals and heavy bass guitar. Rhythm and Power from the beginning till the end. The songs flow one into another and direct our imagination to those days in the ’70s. So, in reality I wasn’t born then, but please let me know if any of the readers of this review were.

In conclusion, this album is short and sweet. Or quick and dirty, depends on your point of view. Duel already has my seal of approval for any summer festival they want to go. I will go and see them if they try to navigate the rough seas of the ocean to this time of a waning pandemic.

Line up:
  • Shaun Avants – Bass, Vocals
  • JD Shadowz – Drums
  • Derek Halfmann – Guitars
  • Tom Frank – Guitars, Vocals
Duel – In Carne Persona cover
  1. Children of the Fire
  2. The Veil
  3. Anchor
  4. Behind the Sound
  5. Bite Back!
  6. Wave of Your Hand
  7. Dead Eyes
  8. Lizard Tongue
  9. Blood on the Claw