23 September 2021

Laura Meade – The Most Dangerous Woman In America

Releasedate:  2021
Label:  Doone

Laura Meade is a singer making syth pop. This year she is releasing an album called “The Most Dangerous Woman In America”.

As you could expect the album is really  catchy, from the first track on you can enjoy a soft sound, the vocals of Laura being quite mellow. The words could be fiercer though. Telling about stories and memories of people that have gone lost by gossip and such. A relevant theme these days where people love to talk about others, but was never not there anyway.

Laura’s voice sometimes reminds me, especially in the lower parts to Eurythmics but the songs are much different than that. More singer songwriter based. “Doesn’t Change A Thing” is a track that stands out to me for the atmosphere that is set there. Sultry in a way, yet sharp in its message.

Subtle variation is there in the album, but a full power track is something I am really yearning when the whole tracklist is there. Perhaps a bit out of the concept but the vocals certainly would be up for that. Perhaps Meade has other projects to highlight such a thing.

Altogether this Laura Meade release is a fine one to listen to. A fresh touch, you clearly can put it on her name as it is not too close to what many others are doing, it has a face of its own.

Laura Meade
  1. On The Shores Of The Seine
  2. Leaving
  3. Burned At The Stake
  4. Iconoclast
  5. End Of The Road In Hollywood
  6. Doesn’t Change A Thing
  7. The Most Dangerous Woman In America
  8. The Shape Of Shock
  9. Forgive Me
  10. Tell me, Love