23 January 2022
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5x New – week 22

THY CATAFALQUE is now unveiling the third brand-new track ‘Köszöntsd A Hajnalt’ of the upcoming avant-garde album ‘Vadak’. The album is scheduled for world-wide release on June 25th, 2021 via Season of Mist.
Bassist Gatto Panceri 666 on “Gabonzo Robot” and collaborating with Dr. Pira:
“As NANOWAR OF STEEL, we are proud of singing the amazing deeds of GABONZO THE INVINCIBLE ROBOT, the only superhero that always wins because he fights against the weak and the children. But above everything, we were proud of finally being able to work with the great Dr. Pira, whom we have been following and worshipping for two decades!”
Finnish occult industrial metal band KING SATAN released a new single and music video This Is Where The Magick Happens. The kings of blasphemy and exploitation entered studio to work with new material recently and is now ready to share first results of the sessions, presenting more metalized side of the band’s musical output.
French heavy rock band Muddles have just revealed a music video for a brand new song off the band’s first full-length album “Mind Muddling”, to be released on June 11 via Klonosphere Records.
“Early Decapitated has had a profound influence on all of us in REAPING ASMODEIA. When we think of albums that have had an immense impact on ourselves, and our respective genres, there is no question that Organic Hallucinosis will be mentioned. The skill, technicality, and sheer ferocity on this album is as relevant as ever.