23 January 2022
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5x New – week 21

Alternate version of the song ”Where Devils Weep” from the album ”Chants From Another Place”, released by Kscope in March 2020.
A brief excerpt of “Healing the Ouroboros” by ICEBURN. From the new album “Asclepius” out June 25th from Southern Lord Recordings.
Female Creed, not a simple description of the stereotypical female aspect, on the contrary! The opposite! We want to represent the multitude of colors and facets that characterize each of us, without distinction! And to make it clear, who more than a woman can do it !?
Here comes the brand new video I Ondska Vi Består from Hamburg-based NIDBILD! The song is taken from the album with the same name, which was released this year.
The first single from The Great Discord’s upcoming album “DEAM MORTE”.