Lindemann - Live in Moscow

Lindemann - Live in Moscow

Lindemann – Live in Moscow

Releasedate: 21.05.2021
Label: Vertigo Berlin

The singer of Rammstein, Till Lindemann, does not really need an introduction. This is a live album of his solo project Lindemann. The music was recorded in Moscow, and it was the last show he played before the worldwide lockdown that Covid caused. Because of that, I would say, that this fact makes “Live in Moscow” even more special and almost precious.

The album comes with sixteen songs. These sixteen songs take you into the venue, to the front row and let you smell the sweat, as well as feel the excitement. During this show, Lindemann is performing German and English songs. And of course, the lyrics are quite explicit and brilliant. His distinct voice and the wonderful arrangements create a space you will get lost in. Just like everyone in the venue on that day did. Also, you can feel every word of Lindemann touch your skin, crawling underneath. Because of that, it is hard to let the music just fade in with the background, as it demands your fullest attention. So, you will give it to the music. Each song has its own character and Lindemann performs them spectacularly well. But we did not expect anything less.

So here it is: “Live in Moscow” by Lindemann. This recording is released as live movie, and various special packages as well. But it doesn’t matter which version you will choose. Each one resembles a brilliant piece which will give you a sensational experience of how this show must have been. Almost, as if you had been there yourself. So please be seated for a journey to Moscow, to one of the finest shows. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you: Lindemann – “Live in Moscow”. 

Lindemann - Live in Moscow
Lindemann – Live in Moscow

01. Skills In Pills 

02. Lady Boy 

03. Fat 

04. Frau & Mann

05. Ich weiß es nicht 

06. Allesfresser 

07. Knebel 

08. Home Sweet Home

09. Cowboy Golden Shower 

10. Blut 

11. Platz Eins

12. Praise Abort 

13. Fish On 

14. Ach so gern 

15. Gummi 

16. Steh auf