Moon Coven – Slumber Wood

Releasedate: 07-05-2021
Label: Ripple Music


Moon Coven is a Swedish psychedelic stoner doom metal band, formed in 2012. With two full-lengths ‘Amanita Kingdom’ (2014) and ‘Moon Coven’ (2016) under their belt, the psychedelic doom craftsmen are now all ready to unleash the otherworldly forces of their third album and Ripple Music debut ‘Slumber Wood’ upon this world, pushing the band’s experimental approach further. 


‘Slumber Wood’ comes with eight songs and offers us some fine fuzzy stoner doom! There is a familiar feeling and atmosphere to the melodies right from the beginning. It almost feels like deja-vu: Maybe we have experienced this moment again or have been to that certain place before. This familiarity will captivate you right away and you will turn to those twists and surprises. Add the the fine production and the harmony of the instruments and you will have a musical feast for sure!

There are two interesting highlights in “Slumber Wood”. One of them is Potbelly Hill. I was quite surprised to see the name of an important archeological site from my homecountry in a song, which doesn’t happen that often as you can imagine! Just like the atmosphere in the song, Potbelly Hill or “Göbeklitepe” is full of mystery. The song also has an Eastern or oriental touch to it. This got me curious about the band’s intention to choose this name. Maybe a pure coincidence or much more… who knows?

Another highlight is Bahgsu Nag, which has been on repeat and easily became my favorite song. The magic of this one starts with the previous song A Tower of Silence, where we experience the psychedelic and space rock side of the band… such a fantastic twist! Just like Potbelly Hill, I also picked up some oriental vibes in this one.

‘Slumber Wood’ is definitely one of the best albums I have listened to in a while. Sometimes, the magic lies in the simplicity and the band does this perfectly. Highly recommended to the fans of this genre or fans of bands like Monolord or Windhand. Get this and enjoy it to the max!

  • Fredrik Dahlqvist – drums
  • Axel Ganhammar – guitars
  • Justin Boyesen – guitars
  • David Leban – vocals, guitars

1. Further
2. Ceremony
3. Gîbekli Tepe – Potbelly Hill
4. Eye of the Night
5. A Tower of Silence
6. Bahgsu Nag
7. Seagull
8. My Melting Mind