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5x New – week 20

From the new album, “Luminous Rot” out everywhere May 21st.
Live at Taakeheimen Lydrike, Oslo. https://dimgray.no
“The protagonist has been sentenced to death by execution. Will he survive? The video was produced by AlphaAlias, with pyrotechnics and lights provided by NoiseToys. The song deals with the historical role of the medieval executioner, who was simultaneously celebrated and feared. He played a critical role in carrying out judicial sentences, primarily capital punishments, and was celebrated for doing so, as the latter were also seen as a main source of entertainment. At the same time, he was also avoided and feared in daily life, leading to a complex, split perception of the figure.”
After reaching pole position on official Finnish album charts and hitting German
top 10 with the acclaimed album “Heart Like a Grave” in October 2019, INSOMNIUM were once again supposed to entertain the legions of metal addicts all around the world. And that’s what these gentlemen did for the time being: there was definitely no absence of severe headbanging… well, until mid-March 2020 when the good old world abruptly closed its curtains. As of today, when wintry Northern darkness seems to be slowly giving a way to blooming flowers, INSOMNIUM return with the brand-new track “The Reticent”.
Returning with ‘Vökudraumsins fangi’, AUÐN explore new soundscapes and push their music to new heights, thereby setting themselves further apart from their Icelandic contemporaries. The six piece draws inspirations from their natural surroundings, but also chart the territory of the mind. The album title literally translates to ‘prisoner of the daydream’, but rather refers to a perpetual state of delusion of a life that never took place.