[YT] Bismarck – Oneiromancer

Bismarck began in 2015 in Bergen, Norway. They wasted no time in getting to work and producing their first release, Iron Kingdom, the next year. After this, they started to work on their debut. They released their debut full-length, Urkraft in 2018 and burst into the scene with a bang. After this, Bismarck cooled their heels for two years. Then, in 2020, they released their second full-length, Oneiromancer.


01. تحقق رسالت
02. Oneiromancer
03. The Seer
04. Hara
05. Khthon

Oneiromancer features a mix of various styles of doom blended together. Taking cues from stoner, traditional and psych doom, the music mesmerizes and enchants. The guitars provide riffs by the dozen and pull you in. The riffs range from soul-crushing heavy to gentle and light. Guitar drones layer the sound with shimmering moods. The vocals growl, shout and croon. The bass grumbles and menaces. The drums entice with slick, versatile rhythms. The songs move through distinct and immersive atmospheres. Half an hour plus of some of the best doom blend out there, Oneiromancer has something for everyone.

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