27 November 2021

Lake of Tears – Ominous

Label: AFM Records
Release date: 19-02-2021

The legendary dark rock/metal act Lake of Tears is back! It has been a decade since the previous full-length “Illwill” was released and this long wait is over…. “Ominous” is out now and features Daniel Brennare as the only current member of this band.

With “Ominous” we see once again how versatile Lake of Tears is within this dark genre. The darkness is surely the essence of this record and there is a certain dynamic atmosphere to it as the rhythm is ever-changing with slow tunes (“Lost in a Moment”, “Cosmic Sailor”) to fast-paced songs (“At the Destination, “Ominous One”). This should come as no surprise to the fans though as this is the core of Lake of Tears and so much more. There is also a certain space vibe to it; imagine being alone on space, floating and tripping in the void. So there are different dimensions within this sound, which is fascinating! Even though “Ominous” took a long time to come to light, the passion is there and you will feel the dedication right from the start.

On a personal level, there is a deeper edge to “Ominous”. It is coming from a darker place and based on personal journeys and experiences. Music is indeed about expressing emotions but “Ominous” hits hard. It pulls you in and makes you think. My personal favorite is “Cosmic Sailor” as it depicts the soul of this album very well.

With its beauty and tragedy, “Ominous” is a must-have for the fans of this genre but also to anyone who likes the darkness and melancholy in their music. I am curious as to whether this will be ‘the last transmission’ we will get from Lake of Tears but let’s wait and see… In the meantime, “Ominous” will be on repeat for sure!

Line up:

  • Daniel Brennare – vocals, guitars, keyboards

01. At the Destination
02. In Wait and in Worries
03. Lost in a Moment
04. Ominous One
05. Ominous Too
06. One Without Dreams
07. The End of this World
08. Cosmic Sailor
09. In Gloom (Bonus Track)