The Amenta

The Amenta – Revelator

Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Releasedate: 19-02-2021

Australian formation The Amenta is around since 2002. They make Industrial Death Metal. Anno 2021 they are ready for the release of their fourth full length album. It is called “Revelator” and it is available now.

The band’s previous album dates back 8 years already, so they surely have taken their time. They do however have a steady line up, not too much changes at all. Never change the winning team they say so let’s see how this album suits us.

The first track we find on the release give us a straight forward heaviness. The band likes to waste no time in setting up the atmosphere. Halfway the release they like to slow down the tempo a bit more, having a teasing vehemence coming in. You want them to break loose again, but they make you wait for it. At “Parasight Lost” their taking it up some more again, blackening their sound a bit. It comes to a climax in the end which followed by a break. “Wonderlost” is an atmospheric track that leads towards “Overpast” where the violent version of The Amenta shows themselves again.

But nothing could close the album better as “Parse Over”, a well thought choice to put this last. From about halfway the track the song slowly fades to a more eerie sound, the violence leaves and the cold and gruesome reality that is there is vunerably bare.

Concluding all above you could say the band made a captivating release. They play around with the intensity a lot and that leaves you yearning for what’s next and yet gives you the time to put some attention into the details the band has put into it. A fine release!

Line up:

Diazonon – Drums
Erik Miehs – Guitars
Timothy Pope – Samples, Programming
Dan Quinlan – Bass
Cain Cressall – Vocals

The Amenta

1. An Epoch Ellipsis
2. Sere Money
3. Silent Twin
4. Psoriastasis
5. Twined Towers
6. Parasight Lost
7. Wonderlost
8. Overpast
9. Parse Over