Stellar Death logo in tech font and red flames

Stellar Death logo in tech font and red flames

Stellar Death – Fragments of Light

Releasedate: 08 January 2021

Stellar Death, a band from the United States of America, more precisely, Washington DC, presents us with Fragments of Light, 8 track of instrumental music. This is their first release and it’s for fans of Progressive Rock, Ambience, and Post-Metal.

“The Astronomer” is the first track and there is an obvious aim to point this to a multi-sounding articulated work. I can swear I heard elements in the drums or so that resemble nu-metal, but I might be mistaken.

“Betelgeuse” resembles 80s metal ballads. After some research (meaning 3 second Google search), I discovered that Betelgeuse is the name of a star in the Orion constellation, so I start to suspect that they have a clear theme for space and astronomy. After reading the tracklist again, that suspicion becomes a certainty. “Binary collapse” is clearly the track with the most rhythmic input. It’s the one I like the most and has a proper ending.

Further down the album, when listening to “Everywhere and Nowhere,” it’s clear that there is a try to use the same formula of power, plus length, followed by a calm interlude, followed by more violence. I mean, it’s okay. I heard this before. It doesn’t blow my mind, but the job is done correctly, which can be expected for a first album. In the end, Fragments of Light finishes with a 10-minute track, “Critical Mass (That Which Cannot Be Created),” which will definitely remind you of the 1984 movie “Dune” by David Lynch. The last track “Afterglow” is exactly that, the afterglow of the album. Sort of “goodbye and see you later” from the band.

To conclude, the album is cool. My heart didn’t exactly pump faster, neither did I really headbang to this, but the music is definitely enjoyable, especially for 80’s science fiction movies, such as “Tron” or the above-mentioned “Dune”. I’m curious to see what these fine people do with their careers and hopefully I will get to see them once the concerts are back.

Line up:

  • Scott Loose – guitars, keys, drum/percussion programming
  • Matt Kozar – guitars, keys
  • Ben Kelly – bass guitar
Stellar Death logo in tech font and red flames
Stellar Death – Fragments of Light
  1. The Astronomer

2. Endless

3. Betelgeuse

4. Binary Collapse

5. Approaching the Singularity

6.Everywhere and Nowhere

7. Critical Mass (That Which Cannot Be Created)

8. Afterglow