OJM – Live At Rocket Club

Label: Go Down Records
Releasedate: 19-02-2021

OJM is an Italian stoner band from Treviso, founded in 1997 by David Martin and Max Ear. With a long history and many albums, the band is considered as one of the legendary Italian acts in the stoner rock scene. Their style contains hints of Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, MC5 and Grand Funk Railroad. They are back with a brand new live album called “Live at Rocket Club”. The album captures the band in one of their best ever moments, the tour that promoted the band’s classic album “Volcano”, which reached fame and success by press and fans, thanks to the production and mixing of Dave Catching (QOTSA, Desert Sessions, Eagles of Death Metal).


“Live at Rocket Club” is what you can expect from a live show and so much more! With this release, we find ourselves in a medium-sized or even small venue with a sincere atmosphere, just enjoying the music. The release has the energy from the start and will lift your mood right away, especially in these weird times. With that fine mixture of rock’n’roll, desert/stoner rock and grunge, there is never a dull moment and I can reassure you that you will want to get out of your couch and headbang or dance! The raw sound/production also adds a nice touch to the overall essence of the album; the live albums, in my opinion, should have that ‘live experience’ instead of a polished production and the band managed this quite well.

One thing I found fascinating with this release is that peak moment. I am sure you concertgoers know what I mean: This moment where a certain song or riff makes you feel the dopamine rush kicking in and make you feel alive again. Well, I felt this peak moment with “Ocean Hearts”… so good! This song also happens to be in the middle of the live album but this does only get better afterwards as the band closes this live album with a Billy Joe Royal cover.

I am sure that all of us miss live gigs and this album made me smile a bit in these rough times. Kudos to these guys for this record! Now get it and experience that rock’n’roll experience!

OJM – Live at Rocket Club

01. Welcome
02. Venus
03. I’ll Be Long
04. Wolf
05. Ocean Hearts
06. Sixties
07. Give Me Your Money
08. Desert
09. 2012
10. Hush (Billy Joe Royal Cover)