ACID MAMMOTH – Under Acid Hoof

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Release date: 24.01.2020

Greek band, playing stoner doom, releases their second album, Under the Acid Hoof this January. Their first release was in 2017, self-titled. They describe themselves as a family more than a group of friends. Look at the names in the line-up. You will see that this is very real. Acid Mammoth has been around since 2015 and their sound is exactly what is proposed. A Mammoth trampling everything on its passage high on acids. And I think that this is generally a good image to illustrate their music. By the way, they love Black Sabbath. Seriously. Go to their Facebook page and see it for yourself. I still need to see a band that mentions so much Black Sabbath as their influence. They have good credentials since Heavy Psych Records has provided us with good bands in the last years.

You can see some collage but they are very, very far away from the Gods of rock as a Grasshopper is from a Mammoth. It’s not demeriting to their music, which is pleasant, but Black Sabbath is the gold standard that everybody in this genre tries to reach. And no one does. I hope the band doesn’t loathe my words, because ultimately I find remarkable that generations keep bonding over a 50-year-old band.

That being said, talking about the music:

The first track, “Them!”, starts the album and sets the pace. It’s pretty clear what we came to do, and our job is to rock and roll, headbanging, and fuzzy, heavy doom. The vocals are something that seems coming from another day and age, in between fog and rain. Chris Babalis Jr. does a nice job in this first track indeed. Following, “Tree of Woe” goes on a wailing journey that is just adorable. The second half of the song is perfect. Got me moving in my own chair. This turns out to be the longest track of the album and the coolest. Also, of the 9:10 it lasts, from the 4th minute is that pure rock. The final guitar solo does an incredible doom moment and makes me say that this album is already made because of this track. Simply cool.

The problem sort of comes next. After the great piece that “Tree of Woe” did, the next two tracks fade into repetitiveness. I know, I know, this is a doom album, it’s supposed to be like this, but some rhythm variation would be welcomed. “Tusks of Doom” and “Jack the Riffer” just merge into each other. And that’s a shame, because “Jack the Riffer” is a great title for a track. They are not bad, it’s not that, but is just a let down from the second track.

Now, the final track finally brings it back! “Under Acid Hoof” salvages the album from the drowning that we were forced to. Pretty cool music structure and very good drum work, plus the rhythm section of the guitar do a wonderful sound. My favorite track is still the second, but this one is very good as well. Definitely a good way to say goodbye, and see you next time.

To conclude, if you like doom, go for it. Fuzzy, heavy doom in a nice 35:18 minute plate just for you, served by our friends and family Sabbath lovers the Acid Mammoth. Be aware, it will sound a bit repetitive in the middle but has very very good moments. Try it out. I will try to see them at a concert one of these days. And definitely cheer to our success!

Line up:

  • Chris Babalis Jr. – Vocals, Guitars
  • Chris Babalis Sr. – Guitars
  • Dimosthenis Varikos – Bass
  • Marios Louvaris – Drums

01 – Them!

02 – Tree Of Woe

03 – Tusks Of Doom

04 – Jack The Riffer

05 – Under Acid Hoof