26 November 2022

aVid – Minor Words & Major Thoughts

Releasedate: 24-09-2010; Label: Artist Station Gmbh (Soulfood Music)
By: Nina Mende

Founded in 2005 aVid rocked with their music several festivals and gigs throughout Germany, took part at the Coca-Cola Soundwave Discovery tour as well as the Coca-Cola Christmas tour in 2007. Now they finally have their debut album “Minor Words & Major Thoughts” released.

The album is filled with twelve wonderful rock tracks that might also be considered as pop-rock. An awesome sound comes at you right after pressing play. A great voice and catchy lyrics combined with great music rock their way up on your list of favorite albums. You can find a great balance of fast and slow songs and all lyrics can be found in the booklet. The first song “Falling” is a very groovy song spreading summer feeling in this rainy fall weather. The lyrics are simply amazing and this song definitely deserves a lot of radio airplay. “Minor Words & Major Thoughts” simply gets you going along. “Drowning” includes great piano playing and very emotional lyrics. The big sound somehow reminds of OneRepublic in a bit. “Faith” is a dance song whereas “Breathing In” is the rock song on the album. “Minor Words & Major Thoughts” is a gorgeous album by aVid. They will get far if they keep going this direction, I am sure!

01. Falling
02. Breathing in
03. Away With You
04. All Those Nights
05. Faith
06. Once Again
07. Drowning
08. Fucking Nervous
09. I’ve Seen All The Lights
10. The Man I Used To Be
11. Saved From Ruin
12. Here I Am

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