25 February 2024

Take That – Beautiful world LIVE

Release date: 29-02-2008, Label: Universal
By: Nina Mende

  Yes, I like Take That, but not since the beginning. I started liking them as
  they released the black and white video where all guys were tied up to these
  chairs and got pushed into the lake. I think that was their last before the
  break. Now, as they released “Patience” I guess you could say they
  got me completely.   I so had to get the album and I would have even gone
to their show if I didn’t have to go to another gig that night. I listened to that
  album a thousand times and sang along all the time. Such a pity that I didn’t
  catch them live… Many people told me it must have been a blast and just amazing.
  But now I have gotten the DVD “Beautiful World Live” recorded at The
  O2 in London in front of more than ½ a million people. Holding the DVD
  in hands, you can’t imagine how happy and excited I was to watch it…

  I don’t think I have to tell you anything about the band itself, do I?
  No, ok. So I go straight to the DVD review part:

  The DVD contains two discs, one with the show on it and one with the extras
  on it. I watched the show one first. But one after another!
  First of all I of course explored the whole DVD, meaning taking a closer look
  at it, especially the booklet: The Take That logo on the front, playlist on
  the back – how average and boring, right? But now open it! It is folded
  in the way, that when you unfold it the first time you can see the silhouettes
  of each band member filled with a night sky including shining stars, a statement
  of each one about the tour and comeback underneath each silhouette and the writing
  “Take That Beautiful World Live” right across it. Unfold it the next
  time: you see close-ups of each member with a little moon or the earth (can’t
  quite identify it) in the middle. Unfolding it the next and last time you can
  see many concert pictures, the playlist again and underneath each title there
  are a couple lines about the song, tour or show impression or something alike
  by one of the guys. The inside of the DVD is not as spectacular as the booklet
  in my opinion, so I’m not going to go into that much further. And besides
  that I have already written that much without even having started with the actual
  material on the DVDs.

  As I said, the first disc contains the complete live show in London. It starts
  out with an opera singer and a visual journey through the story of Take That,
  then you can see the four guys behind presidents podiums performing “Reach
  Out”. I could tell you something about each and every song they play and
  everything else that happens during the show, but then the magic would be gone.
  It’s like telling the end of a movie in advance. But let me tell you that
  much: They have put very much effort into the show, the preparations of it,
  the effects and simply everything. It is an amazing show which is comparable
  with a good musical or a theater. They have many dancers and play old songs
  as well. Take That use two stages, one of them is built up in the middle of
  the venue surrounded by the audience. They have pyrotechnics and lots of light,
  as well as some other special stuff and even special guests. Many different
  styles are combined in the show: classic, dancers, disco, acoustic, storytelling,
  even a solo of Jason performing “Wooden Boat” all by himself in the
  stage. The guys talk a lot with the audience and play with them as well. The
  show also includes some old songs and Take That check if their audience still
  knows all the old songs by heart, and they do! There is a different concept
  for each song, each one more amazing than the other one. An amazing show, made
  me jealous that I couldn’t have been there, but hey, I have it on DVD now!
  I would love to watch that DVD (the live show) in a movie theater with its big
  screen and the Dolby Surround sound. Or I just catch them live next time. But
  I am definitely amazed by it and deeply touched. Simply amazing show, it totally
  got me.

  The second disc contains behind the scenes material, a sort of tour diary where
  they boys talk about Howard’s injury during the tour and what Howard did
  during the shows he couldn’t be on stage performing with the others, the
  21 trucks that hold their show equipment, introduces you to all the featured
  artists such as the dancers, the guest vocalist, the musicians, the manager
  and everybody else who is touring with Take That. Further you can see all the
  preparations that had to be made for the show including some dance practice
  and many other behind the scenes and backstage impressions. The band commentary
  is – as the name says – comments of the band about each part of the show. The
  photo gallery shows pictures from onstage and backstage happenings, as well
  as pictures of the happenings at the backstage and preparation, rehearsals and
  practices and so on. This disc also shows you that the guys are still very down
  to earth.

  I hope this review gave you an idea of the DVD, a quick yet sufficient peak
  into the “Beautiful World” of Take That. And maybe you will be just
  as amazed by Take That as I was, even though you haven’t been a fan before…

Disc 1 – Tour
  Reach Out
  It Only Takes A Minute
  Beautiful World
  Hold On
  I’d Wait For life
  Relight my Fire
  Rule The World
  Could It Be Magic
  Back For Good
  Everything Changes
  Wooden Boat
  Give Good Feeling
  Never Forget
  PrayDisc 2 – Extras
  The Journey – Exclusive On The Road Film
  Band Commentary – Filmed commentary of the band talking through the live
  show and its preparation.
  Photo Gallery


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