25 February 2024

OneRepublic – Dreaming Out Loud

Release date: 20-11-2007; Label: Mosley Music/Interscope
By: Nina Mende

  Yes I know, the album is out for quite a while already, but I think this album
  deserves a late review. And there are two more reasons why I am writing a review
  about it:
  1st: The single “Stop And Stare” is out now!
  2nd: “Apologize” is still on air quite often and I hear the moderators
  announce this song as being a Timbaland song only for too many times. Even though
  he is executive producer of the album and did this remix, it is still the band
  OneRepublic singing it. And there are still some people out there not knowing

  OneRepublic is a band from Colorado/USA. To those who do not know the full
  story on OneRepublic, they may see a talented pop-rock group propelled to “overnight”
  success after being discovered by one of the world’s most celebrated super-producers.
  However, explaining away the success of this band as an overnight sensation
  would be short-sighted and inaccurate. The story of the band’s road to
  success, and how that journey is expressed in the inspiring lyrical content
  of this album, would be lost, as well. Facing opposition and disappointment,
  OneRepublic has clung to its dreams – and that tenacity is finally paying

  The album title “Dreaming Out Loud” describes the songs on the album
  quite well. It is very emotional and thoughtful combined with a great vocalist.
  “Mercy” is very passionate and gets stuck in your head very easily,
  the song has a somewhat tragic touch, but after you listened to it a couple
  times you will see what I mean by that, a very captivating song, taking you
  away more and more every time you listen to it. Just recently I saw the video
  of the new single “Stop And Stare” and was very surprised. I had goose
  bumps while watching it: A very tragic and dramatic video, with deep lyrics
  and a great melody with the guitar and vocals this is definitely my favorite
  one on the album besides the original version of “Apologize”. I love
  the orchestra playing in the song “Apologize” and the song also has
  a great range for vocals. I really enjoy singing along to it and playing with
  the voice, a really gorgeous song I am able to listen to 24/7 without getting
  tired of it, which is a quite rare effect nowadays. The cello on “All Fall
  Down” is just gorgeous and it has a great melody. The piano on “Tyrant”
  is quite outstanding and I guess you could say it is the fastest song on the

  A gorgeous album and a gorgeous band, I hope to see them live some time!

  Say (All I Need)
  Stop And Stare
  Goodbye, Apathy
  All Fall Down
  Won’t Stop
  All We Are
  Someone To Save You
  Come Home
  Dreaming out loud
  Apologize (Timbaland remix)


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