25 February 2024

Damn Seagulls – Soul Politics

Release date: 25-01-2008, Label: Fullsteam Records
By: Nina Mende

  It’s a warm and sunny day in spring, the birds are singing and I am driving
  in my car on the highway. The windows are scrolled down all the way; my left
  arm is laying hanging out and my hand is tapping along with the beat….

  The perfect soundtrack to that scenery is the album “Soul Politics”
  by Damn Seagulls. The album is filled with good mood music, gorgeously arranged.
  A one-of-a-kind album with a special sound which is totally untypical for a
  Finnish band.

  Damn Seagulls is a band from Helsinki, Finland, formed in 1997. Because of
  their special and unique sound they are quite successful all over Finland. Six
  young boys rocking around the clock with their own style.

  This music differs from everything else because it has got this big band sound
  with the saxophone, harmonica, trumpet, cello, viola, trombone… just to
  name a few of all these instruments appearing on the album. Somehow it is reminding
  me of the 60s, especially the song “The Beat” reminds me of the typical
  Grease time. The songs are perfect for parties and just great to dance to. The
  catchy rhythms go straight through your brain into your muscles and make them
  twitch. The arrangement of the different instruments makes no song sound like
  another and the album does not get boring or lame at any time. The lyrics are
  very authentic and everybody will be able to relate to one or another.
  The booklet and the album itself is kept in the 60s style. The booklet looks
  and even feels like a wallpaper.

  Good mood music of its best, do I have to say anything more?

  1. Once We Were Thieves
  2. While I’m Gone
  3. 24 Uptown
  4. Quality People
  5. Dirty Soul Radio
  6. Rooftops & Railways
  7. Human Torch
  8. The Beat
  9. Something About It
  10. King of Fools


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