26 November 2022

Love’s Labour’s Lost – Goldstaub

Release date: 20-12-2007
By: Nina Mende

Let me introduce you to a band called Love’s Labour’s Lost. You might
have heard this name before, not because of the band but because of Shakespeare!
Since we are a music magazine and not a literature one, I will not go into the
story itself but tell you about the band:
Love’s Labour’s Lost is a band from Germany; they play together since
2003 and live gigs since 2005. And this is when and where I saw them for the
first time. They played as local support act for bands like The Birthday Massacre,
Cinema Strange and Frank the Baptist, and even played at the Wave Gothic Treffen
in Leipzig in 2006 (and will play there again this year). They improved a lot
in this short time and it is always great seeing them on stage because of their
gorgeous outfits and performances that catch you and make you drift away.

If you like medieval music, you will love this band and their music. If you
like gothic music you will love it as well, and if you are simply amazed by
art, acts and dramaturgy you will definitely love it as well. So this band is
not easy to put in a single genre. The special catch about this band is the
e-viola played by Inge, who also sings some of the backing vocals. They sing
in German and English. Since December 20, 2007 you can order their EP “Goldstaub”
via their homepage and I got the CD at a release party in Mainz on February
9th. The intro already shows you the path leading to a world of fairytale and
fantasy, and the CD continues pulling you into this world. The music sweeps
you along and you just have to move to the songs. The great melodies of the
viola are making sure that the rest of the arrangements won’t loose the
grip of your mind that is drifting farther and farther away. Inge’s (viola)
backing vocals on the song “Whispering” add some sort of crazyness
to the song whilst she sounds like a fairy in the song “Goldstaub”.
Also does Thomas (singer) transmit the message with his vocals just perfectly
well. “The Winds Of Life And Death” is a cover of a band called Pilori.
The EP is full with catchy melodies and lyrics, captivating until the last second.
Get it while it’s still out there!

Goldstaub Cold Opening
The Winds Of Life And Death
Goldstaub Akkustik


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