The Foreshadowing – Days of Nothing

Release date: 20-11-2007; Label: Candlelight Records
By: Sabine van Gameren 

  The Foreshadowing is a gothic/doom metal band from Rome, Italy. The band is
  founded by Alessandro Pace, also known under the name Alex Vega of the band
  Dope Stars Inc. “Days of Nothing” is their debut album.

  The first thing which comes to mind when listening to this album is that their
  style of music is much like the style of the latest releases of Katatonia. By
  saying this, I mean that the instrumental part supports the deep, emotional
  voice and the dark lyrics which are given straight from the heart of vocalist
  Marco Benevento. It makes the emotional atmosphere complete and creates a situation
  in which you are very likely to listen to the music and what he want to tell
  with it.
  Songs which stand out on this album are the first song “Cold Waste”
  and “Days of Nothing”. “Cold Waste” stands out because of
  the start. It starts off quite calm and when the vocals come in, the drama is
  set immediately. In “Days of Nothing” this concept is repeated, but
  it starts a little faster.
  The music of The Foreshadowing is not the music you put on when looking for
  a background sound, it demands more intensive listening.
  The album contains ten songs with a total length of 52 minutes. Within these
  52 minutes you will enjoy the typical doom atmosphere and you will never regret
  the purchase of this album.
  Getting back to the fact that this album is the debut album of this band, I
  wonder what we can expect from them in the future.

Line up:

  Marco Benevento – Vocals
  Andrea Chiodetti – Guitars
  Alessandro Pace – Guitars
  Francesco Sosto – Keyboards & backing vocals
  Davide Pesola – Bass
  Jonah Padella – Drums

  01. Cold Waste
  02. The Wandering
  03. Death is Our Freedom
  04. Departure
  05. Eschaton
  06. Last Minute Train
  07. Ladykiller
  08. The Fall
  09. Days of Nothing
  10. Into the Lips of the Earth  


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