23 September 2023

Horrorpops – Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill

Release date: 05-02-2008, Label: Hellcats
By: Nina Mende

  From virtual unknowns to stars of the Warped Tour and stadiums across Europe,
  HorrorPops have thrived on the strength of great songwriting, remarkable intuition,
  a jaw-dropping live experience and a willingness to explore an array of styles.
  Be it new wave, punk, surf, ska, rockabilly, metal or goth, the trio’s self-produced,
  film-centric third Hellcat album, Kiss Kiss Kill Kill, embraces all of the aforementioned
  rock & roll subgenres with admirable aplomb.

  Crafting a thrill ride of an album is no easy feat, but Patricia Day (lead
  vocals/upright bass), Nekroman (lead guitar/vocals) and Niedermeier (drums/vocals)
  have done so by adhering to instinct. By staying true to their original and
  diverse musical vision, HorrorPops have flourished, building a tremendously
  loyal and ever-growing following in the process.

  So here is the third album, curiously awaited by me. I really like the cover.
  It somehow reminds me of Chicago, the musical, especially the phrase “HorrorPops
  presenting twelve tales about love and murder” in the lower right corner.
  Each and every song sounds like a soundtrack to a series or movie from the 60s.
  Really great and interesting.

  The songs on the album are all quite danceable and easy to get stuck in your
  head, especially songs like “Thelma & Louise”, “Heading for
  the Disco”, “Highway 55”, and some more. “Kiss Kiss Kill
  Kill” sounds a little bit more dramatic than the other songs but definitely
  not in a negative way. “Everything’s Everything” made me listen
  close and also made me think about it. Same with “Hitchcock Starlet”,
  a rather slow song. “Horrorbeach Part II” might remind some of you
  of the last song on the last HorrorPops album, which was called “Horrorbeach”
  …. “Copenhagen Refugee” is not only a great danceable song but
  also has a special story, so listen to it closely.

  HorrorPops never get boring, even after listening to it for the 1000th time
  in a row. A great band. And if you got interested and want to know more about
  them, check the interview.

  01 Thelma & Louise
  02 Missfit
  03 Boot To Boot
  04 Heading For The Disco
  05 Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
  06 Everything’s Everything
  07 Hitchcock Starlet
  08 Highway 55
  09 Horrorbeach Part 2
  10 Refugee
  11 My Picture
  12 Private Hall Of Shame


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