[ówt krì] – Ximenes

[schema type=”review” name=”ówt krì – Ximenes” author=”Sabine van Gameren” pubdate=”2018-11-01″ ]
We got to now this project called [Ówt Krì], origin in Helsinki (Finland), several years ago. The project started in 2005 and is all about experimental and ambient sounds. Anno 2018 we have another album in our hands. It is called “Ximenes” and it is available now.

Comes to notice in this release are the voices you hear. The album is based around that, but even without that knowledge you would find that out quickly. Some deep dark voices chant their words into the track while lighter voices are bringing some balance in it. All a bit eerie, but that is part of all releases of [Ówt Krì]. Sometimes you hear some other sounds to strengthen the atmosphere which reminds strongly like some religious dream one can have. One that leads to doom in the end so to say, a nightmare maybe. If you wake up from it.

Funny thing is that the last track of the album “Ad Caelum” is quite light compared to what was heard before. Are you in heaven? (although the Latin title would indicate else) Well, if that is the case, I found the eleven minutes rather mellow version of it not so interesting. Closes the album well though, after digging deep into the soundscapes of [Ówt Krì] you are slowly landing back on your feet, which is a welcome and soft landing after the darkness from before.

Voices of religion, brought in a dark way, hypnotizing and playful. So much can be done with the voice and a minimalistic backing. Never overdone, a true pleasure to surrender to.

1. Sacra Tenebris
2. Resurrexit Dominus
3. Regina Caeli
4. Veni Creator Spiritus
5. Parce Domine
6. Salve Regina
7. Ad Caelum