11 December 2023

Solar Fake – Broken Grid

Release date: 04-02-2007, Label: SPV
By: Nina Mende

  In the year 2007 Sven Friedrich, the singer of Zeraphine and the legendary Dreadful
  Shadows, brought his solo project Solar Fake into being. Here, the charismatic
  front man, who is mentioned in several lexica and reference books as the outrider
  for the combination of rock and electronics in dark music, can live his penchant
  for electronic music perfectly. Solar Fake is a pure electro- project and there
  are synthesized sounds only, except for his incomparable voice.

  Since I like Dreadful Shadows and Zerpahine, I was really excited to finally
  listen to the new project of mastermind Sven Friedrich. So here I am and holding
  “Broken Grid” of Solar Fake in my hands. Other than Sven’s other
  bands this is a pure electronic album which I would describe with EBM, Synth-Pop
  and slightly Industrial. I think that gives you a quite fitting idea of what
  it sounds like. The album starts out with “Hiding memories from the sun”,
  a quite melancholic song, and continues with the much harsher song “Stigmata
  rain” that reflects the industrial part of the album. Sven’s low and
  deep voice goes straight into your feelings and your brain, a very nice voice.
  The album is melancholic and the music very melodic, great songs to get stuck
  in your head. Several songs on the album are very danceable and definitely have
  club potential. The song “Creep” is outstanding with its great melody
  and the nice lyrics. It is quite slow but energetic and full in the chorus.
  “Here I stand” is a song that will definitely get stuck in your head.
  Another harsh and industrial song is “Lies”. “Your hell is here”
  is the ballad of the album, very slow, melancholic and nice. In the last song
  “I can’t remember” Sven sings very low and deep, another slow
  song with deep lyrics.

  Another great work of Sven, really nice!!!

  1. Hiding memories from the sun
  2. Stigmata rain
  3. (You think you’re) radical
  4. The shield
  5. Creep
  6. Here I stand
  7. I keep my eyes shut
  8. Hero & conqueror
  9. Lies
  10. Sometimes
  11. Your hell is here
  12. I can’t remember  


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