24 June 2024

Hanzel und Gretyl – 2012: Zwanzig Zwölf

Release date: 05-02-2008; Label: Metropolis Records
By: Petra Ghuijs

  “December 21, 2012. The Earth faced the greatest catastrophe the world
  has ever seen: total extinction. While most withdraw into huddled masses, many
  flock to Chichen Itza near Valladolid in Mexico for what would be the last über
  death fest, Oktötenfest 2012. The ballistic skull splitting industrial-metal
  performance of Hanzel und Gretyl was accompanied by gallons of blood beer and
  shot after shot of deathschläger. Über chaos. Über celebration!
  During their performance, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl unearthed itself to reveal
  its true identity: a spaceship built for HuG to tour the solar system. The band
  and hoards of fans boarded the ship and began a tour of all the planets, finally
  ending on the sun. All but HuG were burnt up, for they are time travelling space
  gods bent on total cerebral domination. Many perished with the Earth because
  without the purchase of 2012: Zwanzig Zwölf, they were unable to attend
  the exodus and enter the 9th dimension to transcend the human form with steins
  und skulls forever!”

According to the Mayan calendar, time is divided up into periods of 260.000
  years. December 21, 2012 is the end of such a period. This means that we will
  return to year zero, and earths polarity will be reversed. A new era will begin,
  the fifth period of the sun. During this period feminine and masculine energies
  will be fused together, and no confrontations between them will take place.
  However, in order to achieve this state, the world must pass through a period
  of misery. To some this means the end of the world.

This prophecy is the main theme of “2012 – Zwanzig Zwölf”,
  the new album by Hanzel und Gretyl. A theme fitting founding members Kaiser
  Von Loopy and Vas Kallas, who founded Hanzel und Gretyl after their vision of
  a future ruled by machines. Now 13 years standing, HuG have transformed this
  vision into music, and created a solid fan base doing so.

Sometimes mistaken for a German band, because of their heavy use of German
  lyrics, HuG is actually New York based, where Loopy and Vas Kallas are originally
  from. They have had many setbacks during their musical career, the biggest probably
  the slow decease of their former label, Energy Records, in 1998. This was followed
  by a long period of legal issues, and not until 2002 HuG was finally legally
  free to sign a new label, which was Metropolis records. Then, in 2003, their
  third album “Über Alles” was released, and the band had undergone
  a transformation, making heavier use of their guitars, and using almost fully
  German lyrics.

  Their 2008 sixth album, “2012 – Zwanzig Zwölf”, is a direct
  descendant of this album. The start of “Übermensch, Überfrau”
  contains sounds that remind me of heavy locks being opened, spurring my hyperactive
  imagination to give me the idea of unleashing a terrible beast. And that is
  exactly what this album is. Hitting my speakers with a violence they never had
  to deal with before, and terrorising my roommates, who unfortunately have a
  more mainstream idea of music, to the verge of insanity.
  In short, really cool music.

  The lyrics, and of course also the prophecy accompanying this album, show that
  Loopy and Vas Kallas are not afraid to take themselves with a little grain of
  salt. What they do want, is to make some serious party music. And they succeed,
  this album makes me want to do nothing more than attend a HuG concert and party
  like hell. Especially songs like “Fukken Über Death Party” and
  “Number 1 in Deutschland” are very effective.
  Overall, my only conclusion about this album can be: Fukken Über!

  01. Übermensch Überfrau
  02. Fukken Über Death Party
  03. Loud Und Proud
  04. Kaizerreich
  05. Deathschläger
  06. Number 1 In Deutschland
  07. Hail To The Dark Side
  08. Bavarian Bierhaus Blood
  09. Das Boot
  10. Heil Hizzle Mein Nizzle
  11. Lederhozen Macht Frei
  12. Sternkrieg
  13. Tötenhead


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