23 September 2023

Mors Subita – 01-04-2018

[schema type=”person” name=”Mors Subita – 01-04-2018″ url=”https://www.facebook.com/pg/morssubitaofficial” country=”FI” ]Mors Subita is a band we saw opening a Tuska some years ago. Wild, agessive and not a second of hold back they went for it, waking up the sleepy heads. They have a new album called “Into The Pitch Black” coming out and we questioned them about it.

The band started with releasing some singles to tease the audience a little, making them curious for what they are about to unleash. The latest one is called ‘I, God’ of which they made a video. It was announced as Mors Subita+MMA=… and there it is. We were wondering how they came to the idea of featuring that in a video and it appears that one of them is actively practising MMA. A natural choice, having heard their music before, but the song seems a specific match. “Initially from the song with the fast-driven tempo and the fact that our singer Eemeli also has been practicing some MMA-fighting. The lyrical content also fit the picture quite well. We think ‘I, God’ is one of those songs which give you motivation and energy for example at the gym while doing the last reps. The song gives a blast of energy to the listener”, they explain.

The flow of singles is a well thought strategy as it appears. The guys tell us that they enjoy seeing the responses to the new material they are releasing and it seems more is ahead. “We will release at least a couple more singles + videos after the album is out so we will not be slowing down anytime soon, quite the opposite” they explain.

But back to this latest one, we wondered how the single relates to the album, as it and the guys start telling about the album and the single a bit. “It can have multiple meanings. Mainly the song is about blacking out mentally. This can be caused various catalysts: stress, anger, pain, loss, depression etc. Pitch black is the moment when your mind either breaks of bounces back. In our lyrics the person finds catharsis and finds a way out, so there´s always hope however stalemate the situation might seem”, they tell us.
But, for the fans that have been following these guys before there is the question to what the album sounds like compared to what they are familiar with from previous releases. The guys are eager to explain to us: “Into the Pitch Black is no doubt musically our most violent and versatile album. We brought some new industrial elements to our sound as well, so there´s many new interesting things happening throughout the album. We think the album as a whole is a lot stronger than its predecessors. The fact that we´ve been together with this lineup for over 5 years now can certainly be noticed from the performances”.

Then we wondered how the whole got together, the creative process that goes before the album gets out there is something that differs with each band. Mika Lammassaari (lead guitar) is happy to tell us about the way they work: “Our song writing process is pretty typical and straight forward. I write and arrange all the music as well as possible before I present it to the rest of the band. Then the band usually decides democratically whether the song is good enough or not. This is done also in a very Finnish way in which silence signals that the song is shit, haha.. and “pretty good” means that we shall take the song to the rehearsals.” After that the whole continues, the song needs to develop and lyrics needs to be written vocals arranged, which are mainly by vocalist Eemeli. Occasionally Mika also composes vocal parts. For them this all feels like a natural way of working. Then the studiotime is ahead. The band took time to prepare well before getting into the studio.
All but one song was written and prepared 100% well before the drum sessions started. The last track of the album “The Void” came together one week before the sessions started. That caused a bit hazzle but all in all it also came together pretty nicely and also ended up being a really significant part of the album” Mika explains.

He continues telling about the rest of the process: “We recorded all the drums at our favorite studio in Kemi, Tico Tico with Ahti Kortelainen. Then I took control of the process and we continued at my home studio in Oulu with the guitars, bass, vocals and additional synths etc. The album was mixed and mastered at Illusia Productions by Stefan Pommerin. He also provided some more post production elements to the sound which we liked very much”.

Then we get to the final outcome, the band mentioned already it is harder and more violent than ever before, but where are we gonna find ourselves when listening to the album. The electronic elements they mentioned come up. “These industrial influences have been popping up every now and then in my compositions and on this writing process more than ever. We wanted to give more room for them at this point and we think the overall sound turned out extremely good” as they explain.

So with the new album is ready and the band is looking up to new opportunities. A tour in Japan is on their giglist and so we wondered what they expect from that. Seeking new territories and audiences is of course an exciting part of what is ahead. Mika says: “We expect nice shows, good food, nice company and a lot of interaction with the audience. We know that the organizers are top notch professionals so everything on that side will work perfectly. We will give our all to the audience and of course hope to receive as much energy as possible in return. The Japanese audience is like no other, so I think we´ll be alright.”
But not only Japan is o the horizon, Some Finnish festivals are in the planning, the band is not able to tell us just yet, but promises that info will be released soon. As a last word for the band we ask them what else we can expect from them next and we simply conclude with the ambitious: “World domination”.