23 September 2023

30-06-2007 Arrow Classic Rock

Location: Biddinghuizen (Netherlands)
By: Sabine van Gameren


  This Australian band was about to open the festival on the main stage. Their
  first single “simple simon” was released in 1980. Unfortunately their
  singer committed suicide in 1997. After his dead INXS did only a few shows with
  different singers. In 2005 they have set up an audition on television. The 31
  years old Canadian singer James Dean Fortune was the winner. According to the
  rest of the band, Fortune had the same sort of touch as the original singer
  Michael Hutchence.
  Today, he is about to prove to the fans that he is worth to be the new INXS
  singer. You can definately see that Fortune is younger than the rest of the
  band. He is taking all the energy with him. The musical part of it is just perfect.
  He has a deep dark voice which fits perfectly, but the performance part is also
  perfect. His moves are raw, he is hot, he is sex and he is all what INXS is
  about. It is a pleasure watching the complete band by the way. The other musicians
  are on stage playing the music when all attention goes to Fortune running and
  dancing on the catwalk. But you can’t forget about them. They might be
  a little in the background, but they are the engine of Fortune.
  When the band plays their most well known songs “Need you tonight”,
  “Devil Inside” and “Never tear us apart” their performance
  is about to reach its highest level.
  INXS is completely renewed with their new singer. They are ready for at least
  another 15 years of hot, steamy music.

  Roger Hodgson

  After INXS I wanted to see how Thin Lizzy was doing in the tent. Arriving there
  I found out that people were watching it even from outside the tent. No change
  that I could get in. I decided to change plans and walked up to the smallest
  stage where Roger Hodgson was about to play. The name Roger Hodgson did not
  say me that much. Then I opened the program I got when I entered the festival
  area and found out that he was the singer of Supertramp. Interesting!
  The stage was filled with a piano, a keyboard and an acoustic guitar. Roger
  Hodgson entered the stage. I was looking at an old man which still enjoys playing
  music. I would never have thought this music would have an impact on me. The
  songs were played pretty emotional . And I felt like Roger has given his heart
  to the music. His performance was pretty easy going. Switching from keyboard
  to acoustic guitar to piano a few times. Talking to the audience and telling
  some words about his life.
  A lot of the songs made by Roger Hodgson whether in his solo career or as Supertramp
  have been a great example for the nowadays musicians. When he played “Give
  a little bit”, “Dreamer” and “Breakfast in America”
  (recently Gym class hero’s had a big hit with a sample of this song) the
  complete audience was singing along. Unfortunately, he could only play one hour.
  The audience wanted more, he wanted to give more himself, but he was not allowed…
  Too bad.


  One of the last times I saw Europe, was when I accidentally run into them when
  two friends dragged me to Top of the Pops recordings. There, they never tell
  before who is going to play because people would leave after the most interesting
  band have been played. But when I entered the studio, I saw the drums with the
  Europe logo. As being a Classic rock lover I immediately knew that it was Europe.
  So I was quite shocked that NOBODY knew who Europe was. The point when they
  knew who they were was when I told them they have made the song “The final
  This song is historical. And it was the reason for Europe to come together after
  they quit. In 1999 they came together to re-release “The Final Countdown”
  as millennium song. After that they released some new albums.
  As being a band with so many hits, they could have played a complete set with
  their hits, but they did not. They played quite some songs of their latest two
  albums. For the audience it didn’t matter. It seems like there were so
  many die-hard Europe fans that they know the lyrics anyway.
  Due to the performance I can say that they are a typical classic rock band back
  on tour. Just like bands as King Diamond and Alice cooper they understand that
  free giveaways are like giving candy to a little child. I think I saw at least
  30 plectrums thrown to the audience. Yes, we are in the Netherlands and we like
  free stuff, but this is may be a little over the top. I don’t understand
  why they did this, since their music and performance is good enough to please
  us anyway.
  After the soundtrack to their lifes “The Final Countdown” has been
  played they leave us with the message that they will be back soon.
  That sounds promising.


  Last week I saw these guys making a great show on Graspop, I was kind of wondering
  if it was a good idea to see them again this week. I found out that I better
  had to stay away. Although the sounds and performance were perfect again, I
  had the feeling that I was looking to a DVD version of the show. It was exactly
  the same. Same words, same moves… It shocked me, that they were so less
  With Aerosmith being the headliner, everyone went to the mainstage to see them.
  The people, who did not see them before on this tour, probably loved it since
  the songs were really well done! Musically it was great. This time, he even
  wrote “lik mij” on his belly. Which is Dutch for: Lick me.
  After one and a half hour they left the stage and came back for only 1 song
  in the encore. “Walk this way”. When hearing the lyrics: “She
  told me to walk this way”… I immediately wondered who taught them the
  choreography. Must be hard for a rockstar, to learn your performance by heart.

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