23 September 2023

01-07-2007 The Noisette’s

Date: 01-07-2007, venue: Metropolis festival
By: Sofie Bergen 

When talking about the Noisette’s, I wonder why I liked them so much.
The band exists of a hairy, fanatic drummer; a cool, excellent guitarist and an artistic looking singer who also knows how to handle the bass. They are coming from the UK and they make some ordinary indie rock. Well… ordinary… not exactly. The Noisette’s adds some difference in the genre which I usually name as boring. They took my attention with their performance. Especially the singer. She is walking over the stage like the biggest fashion queen I have ever seen. She is playing with the press photographers. She kind of lets them know to fuck off. At one point she even sits on the stage pushing some photographers away with her feet. And during this she is posing for others. The Noisette’s played on the famous Dutch Pinkpop festival earlier this year and for future they have some shows in America and France scheduled. I think we will hear a lot more of this enfant terrible and her band!

Metropolis festival
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