Engrained – Anger, Roots & Rock n Roll

Releasedate: 26-02-2010; Label: Steamhammer/SPV
By: Sabine van Gameren

The German formation Engrained have been around for quite some years. Even thought the band have started in the 90’s they recently got their first release out via a recordlabel. SPV/Steamhammer to be exact.

“Anger, Roots & rock n Roll” is the EP we are talking about. Quite a hard one. The rockers get it straight from the start and they have to as there are only five songs to get the listener’s attention. This is something that actually worked quite well for the Germans as the songs does not leave much up for imagination and interpretation. It just stands there and it is strong. Like it or hate it. Influences of Hardcore metal are come and have a look around the corner, but in general the band has set their own sound quite clearly.
After four songs of their own there is a cover to close this release with, which is “Plastic Bomb” by Poison Idea. The band made that song fit in their repertoire well.

Is everything right about this release would you wonder reading this, well perhaps the only remark is that it is just too short. I could definitely hear a whole album full of this.

Line Up:
Gonkel – Drums
Fenne – Bass + Vocals
Carlos – Guitar + Backing Vocals
Schorse – Guitar

01. Traitor
02. Pretty City
03. Leave You Behind
04. Rock n Roll Scum
05. Plastic Bomb

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