26 November 2022

Winters Verge – Tales of Tragedy

Releasedate: 29-01-2010; Label: Massacre Records
By: Lara Cappelli

Winters Verge is a Power Metal band formed in Cyprus. Since their foundation in 2003 they released three albums and the promotion of their latest one, Tales of Tragedy, will take them on tour with Finnish band Stratovarius.

From the far island of Cyprus this young band tried its best to settle down in Power Metal scene already with their past releases and continues in doing it with this album. Overall they succeeded in it, considering that power metal is a kind of genre that may lift high barriers which are pretty hard to get rid of. The songs themselves should be seen as a whole, as they result pretty compact and fluent, with tons of keyboard and guitar solos blended in with powerful melodies.
The interesting characteristic is to be found in George Charalambous’s voice that handles mainly a low register, which is something not that common in power metal singers that normally have higher voices. For Those Who Are Gone and Madness Once Called Love are the ballads of the album and manage to show the calmer side of Winters Verge pretty well. The Captain’s Log is probably the real highlight of it all though, as its melodies variation shifts the atmosphere a bit.

Winters Verge don’t deliver anything new here, but surely something worthwhile. I guess its impact will be definitely subjective although I think Power Metal lovers will appreciate what they have to offer.

1. World Of Lies
2. Old Man’s Wish
3. I Swear Revenge
4. For Those Who Are Gone
5. The Captain’s Log
6. Envy
7. Dark Entries
8. Madness Once Called Love
9. Tomorrow’s Dawn
10. Reflections Of The Past
11. Curse Of Time

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