31 March 2023

Lars and the Hands of Light – The Looking Glass

Releasedate: 25-01-2010; Label: Crunchy Frog
By: Nina Mende

Lars and the Hands of Light is a quartet from Copenhagen which is now releasing their debut album.

The sound is somewhere between soul and melodramatic electro music. With groovy and catchy tunes the four Danes get you through this album. The music is very basic and pure, it reminds a little of country music but has many modern elements as well. Male and female vocals take turn. Each song gets stuck in your head in no time and makes you dance along. This music is floating along somewhere between many genres and styles. Some of the songs sound very familiar others become familiar within seconds. The debut album of Lars and the Hands of Light is an album that is putting you in a comfort zone without you even realizing it. Soft and touchy yet thriving and danceable the ten songs get you hooked. “The Looking Glass” is a wonderful debut album. Hopefully we will soon hear more about Lars and the Hands of Light.

Me Me Me
Stranger To The Sea
Three To The Floor
Hey My Love, Hey Love
The Looking Glass
Keep My Feet Tagging Along
The Girl Flu
Face Your Lover
Christmas Comatose

Lars and the Hands of Light Official