29 January 2023

In Vain – Mantra

Releasedate: 15-01-2009; Label: Indie Recordings
By: Sabine van Gameren

In Vain is a Norwegian band making Death metal. The band formed in 2003 and released their debut full length in 2007. Anno 2010 their second album “Mantra” sees light.

The album that is quite typical in the start. It yearns for its characteristics finding inspiration in bands like Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum. Nevertheless the band switches libidinously from style to a lighter version back to the heavier stuff on and on. That makes the whole a bit restless. It came to mind that the band chose to make homage to another band in each individual song, because there are quite some changes in the music. At one point there are death metal elements and before you know you are listening to acoustic guitar. If you concentrate on how the band actually plays this, there is not too much to fall over, each musician shows his skills. There are progressive guitar riffs as well as attempt to built up epic moments. The band has gone wild in their rage for diversity, it is just overdone. While listening to the album the tendancy to change the order of the songs comes up, but in the end it does not really matter. The music is not that bad, but you get lost with the style changes and wonder what the hell is In Vain? What is their style? Maybe they have not found that out their selves yet.

Line Up:
Andreas Frigstad – Vocals
Johnar Haaland – Guitars
Sindre Nedland – Clean Vocals, Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals
Stig Reinhardtsen – Drums
Kristian Wikstøl – Bass, Vocals

1. Captivating Solitude
2. Ain’t No Lovin’
3. Mannefall
4. On The Banks Of The Mississippi
5. Dark Prophets, Black Hearts
6. Wayakin (The Guardian Spirit Of The Nez Perce)
7. Circle Of Agony
8. Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter

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