27 November 2021

30-12-2009 V for Violence

Supports: Cold Cold Ground; Venue: Loose, Helsinki (Finland)
By: Nina Mende

Loose is not only a bar where you can drink, but downstairs can actually be used as a gig placed. And so was it today. Two bands were playing and the floor was quite full of people dressed in Gothic and even industrial clothes. Only a few in the audience wore regular clothes, but since it is Finland, that was nothing surprising.

The first band of the night was Cold Cold Ground from Helsinki. Cold Cold Ground has been working under this name since the start of year 2004, although the seeds of the band were sown by Hauptmann D many years earlier. Cold Cold Ground plays Electric Shock Rock with disturbing visuals and energetic live performances. The guitar player wore a bunny head and rocked with that. The rest of the guys had some face paint on and looked quite goth. The music was not very melodic, it was hammering on the instruments and the vocals were mostly screamed. The audience was dancing along to it and yelled along. The music was perfect for relieving aggression and anger, or simply to rock out the hard way. They played for about 40 minutes and always mentioned that their debut album is coming up. So stay tuned.

Up next was V For Violence. It was supposed to be there album release party even though that one has been out for a while already. V For Violence is a Finish rock band from Helsinki. They look quite Goth as well with all their black clothes and makeup, but they are not as dark and gloomy in the sound. The music is more melodic than Cold Cold Ground was, but the vocals were still shouted some times. Now more fans were dancing along and singing along, quite many people even wore band shirts. The band’s performance was very energetic and powerful, but I think the drummer is the one who moves the most. It is really fun to watch him play, his style of drumming is amazing. For some parts the singer held the microphone to the audience and let them sing. The cheering was loud after each song. It was a great show where nobody stood still for even a second.

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