25 May 2024

Enrique Iglesias – Insomniac

Release date: 12-06-2007 Label: Interscope records
By: Sabine van Gameren

The romantic latino hero Enrique Iglesias is back to conquer the hearts of thousands women. With Insomniac he brings again some romantic tunes.

The perfect cd to put on during a dinner with your boy/girl friend. With “Do You Know?” he already had his first hit from the album. Actually, the whole album is filled with potential hits. “Do you know?” is also recorded in Spanish. Together with two other Spanish songs they are closing the album. With this he shows the world, he never forgot about his background.
The songs Enrique sings are all very emotional. Like he’s giving his heart to the listener. Only thing that really bothers me is his pronounciation. Everytime I hear his album, I fall over it again. Hopefully, it doesn’t bother the rest of the world, since apart from this, the album is really nice .

01. Ring my bells
02. Push ft. Lil wayne
03. Do you know? (the pingpong song)
04. somebody’s me
05. on top of you
06. Tired of being sorry
07. Miss you
08. Wish I was your lover
09. Little girl
10. Stay here tonight
11. Sweet Isabel
12. Don’t you forget about me
13. Dimelo
14. Alguien soy yo
15. Amigo Vulnerable

Enrique Iglesias