19 April 2024

01-07-2007 Clayborn

Venue: Metropolis festival
By: Sofie Bergen

The Dutch Punk/powerpop band Clayborn already gathered quite some fans in the area of Rotterdam. No surprise to see many people specially came for them at Metropolis festival. It will be no surprise for you who were a subscriber of the mailzine that my dear colleague Sabine dragged me to this band. Unfortunately, they played only for 30 minutes, so there is not enough material to write a long review, but here is what I ve got for you:

The pigheaded sound of these musicians playing a home gig this day is kind of wayward. You could even say it is a little feministic. A song like “Down Boy Down” only fastens this. And that with 3 men in the band! It seems like singer Crazy Jane is in total control.
The guys seemed to love Clayborn as well… Besides the fact that some crazy idiots started fighting (I guess they call it moshing, but then without respect) there was a pretty good atmosphere. The sun was shining and that made me enjoying the music even more. Who wants to hear this stirring up guitar riffs and exciting bass lines when it is raining? This music feels like happy music! It gives me
energy! And of course the girl power helps as well. Sex, sex, sex and rock n roll.

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