25 May 2024

Emergenza Semifinal 2007

Venue: P60, Amstelveen (Netherlands)
By: Sabine van Gameren

Last month, Tempelores told you all about the most extraordinary bands from round 1 at Emergenza. This month, Tempelores going to tell you which bands were surprising us at the Semifinals.

Revision already showed us in the first round that they are stunning, now in the Semifinals they just repeated this. With full attention from the audience they played their feel-good music. You hear the sounds of Muse on a pigheaded way, but than translated to Revision. The audience agreed with us, and sended them to the finals.
To listen to this band: http://www.myspace.com/revisionband

The Name “The band which singer wears that short skirt goes to the finals” is what you hear afterwards when picking up something to drink at the bar. Although they are musically fine, the name of the band and the music did not caught people’s memories. It is just the singer which does the magic. That is one of the benefits of this band. Fair enough for the more music minded people, it is not the only reason why this band deserves a place in the final. Female fronted metal on a higher level. Only one point, which let’s us down. We had to listen to the cheesy Britney Spears cover again. Been there, done that. Please don’t play it in the Finals.

Drain Life
Metalcore is a genre which is having serious problems in competitions like Emergenza. It is not a common genre. The everything-but-mainstream sound of Drain life will not get any votes from people who do not like this genre. Nevertheless these gentlemen know exactly how to make a perfect show. If you like it or hate, you can’t deny that this band is talented. They did not end up as last, but   did not get enough votes for the finals. It does not matter, Drain life is a band we will hear more of soon.

Now Nine volt is participating their fame seems to be growing daily. Every performance   they seems to grow a little. The energy of the music and the act will be returned by the audience. They won this day’s voting. They made clear they had to be in finals. Rock… as how it is meant to be.

V-nix As if this this band does not took all attention we don’t know what else to say. It looks like a gala performance. The Singers are dressed up like semi/gothic/gala. Musically they bring some good party/funk music. They stage is quite filled
  though. Sometimes, it is a little to confusing, but this is so much different from all the other bands that is a pleasure to watch, whether you like the music or not.