11 December 2023

The Generators – The Great Devine

Release date: 17-09-2007, Label: People Like You Records
By: Nina Mende

  It has been nearly a decade since The Generators crashed themselves onto the
  underground Los Angeles music scene. What started out to be just a side project
  turned into a full time band that has six full-length releases under their belt,
  along with numerous tours through Europe, and the United States. Vocalist Doug
  Kane, and drummer Dirty Ernie Berru were better known for their ten years spent
  with the Warner Brothers recording act Schleprock. During the 1990s Schleprock
  sold over 100,000 records, and were asked to support bands like Bad Religion,
  Green Day, Rancid, and The Specials.

  By the late nineties The Generators started attracting a large teenage following
  because of their musical aggression, but somehow Beer Company executives and
  professional basketball teams were taking notice as well. The Los Angeles Lakers,
  and The Corona Beer Company both decided to use the bands hometown anthem “City
  Of Angels” for their television, and radio commercial advertisements. This
  in turn started to get The Generators real recognition across the board as now
  their music was going out to the masses. Since 1999 The Generators have been
  criss crossing across the highways and skyways of Europe and The United States.

  “The Great Divide” is their latest album including 10 tracks. Each
  and every single one of them kicks ass and rocks. The music is very powerful
  and energetic and you can feel the experience they have with making music and
  writing songs: the music sounds somehow grown-up. I really love listening to
  this kind of music when having long drives, because it is everything else than
  dreary and somehow motivating and very enthusiastic. The Generators are somewhere
  between punk and rockabilly.
  “So Many Miles” is a thoughtful song and slightly melancholic, but
  really just a little tiny bit. There is one cover on the album called “Paint
  In Black”, originally by the Rolling Stones. A legendary song by a legendary
  band, covered by another great and legendary band. This version is just as great
  as the original. “What I’ve Become” somehow reminds of Johnny Cash.
  All songs are really great and not too hard to sing along, further do they definitely
  make you move along to the beat. I get in a good mood while listening to it,
  the album at least takes your thoughts away from the trouble and struggles of
  life. I could listen to it over and over again and I think I should really catch
  them live when they hit Germany again. Planned is a return sometime in 2008,
  so let’s see.

  1. The Great Divide
  2. My Best Regards
  3. I Stand In Doubt
  4. So Many Miles
  5. In My Oblivion
  6. Point Of No Return
  7. A Turn For The Worse
  8. Paint It Black
  9. What I’ve Become
  10. I’m Still Believing  


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