11 December 2023

Traffic Island – Enough is Enough

Release date: 25-04-2007, Label: Universal Music Oy
By: Nina Mende

  Formed in 2005 and with the eventual line-up properly cemented in place by 2006,
  the sweetly aggressive Finnish rock band Traffic Island signed a deal with Universal
  Music in November 2006. Traffic Island’s boundary stretching debut album,
  “Enough Is Enough”, takes no prisoners as it powers its way into the

  I have never heard of them before, but now I had their CD in my mail, so I
  was going to check it out. And I did. They sound like the Killers, Disco Ensemble
  and Keane, some parts even like Mando Diao, but that just once or twice. A nice
  indie-pop band from Turku/Finland.
  The songs are very funky, you cannot listen to it sitting still. You just have
  to move to the beats.
  “I keep my eyes on you” is a very danceable song, animates you to
  jump around wherever you are at right now listening to this song. Followed by
  “Drink drink drink”, which sounds like a song by the Killers and I
  probably would have thought so if I had my iPod on shuffle right now. A really
  nice one. The next is a “Day without air”, another animating song,
  great for clubs or parties.
  “Two days in a row (overtime)” is a fun one, because of the beats
  that make me jump around weird and do weird dance moves, really fun!! I like
  it. Then, “Colours” is the ballad of the album and it is a nice, slow and melancholic
  Now “Long Island Express way” is next and this one sounds a little
  bit more serious but still doesn’t leave you motionlesss. It has a nice chorus
  that even makes you sing along. “France” for example, sounds a lot like Keane, it has a   piano playing and is quite
  slow mixed with poppy beats in between. “Studio apartment” is a song which has quiet vocals as well as some
  shouting in it, perfectly combined this song spreads self conciousness.
  Some parts of the album remind me of the White Stripes though, like for example
  the song “Three Star Hotel”.
  “Classic Prick” is a slow one which has simple guitar riffs, and is
  the sad song of the album. It sounds quite melancholic.
  “Karaoke Song” doesn’t only have the name, but also animates you to
  sing along.
  The beats and melodies of the album get stuck in your mind and are very danceable.
  But the album is not just all fun and happy feelings, it also has a serious
  side with some really deep thoughts in it’s lyrics.
  A very nice balanced album representing all sides of life, the good and the
  bad. And not a typical Finnish melancholic dark band.

“Enough is enough” is an experience you should definitely make.

Traffic Island is:
  Oskari Ruohonen – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  Santeri Ruohonen – bass
  Petri Huhtinen – guitar
  Mikko Siusluoto – drums

  1. I keep my eye on you
  2. Drink Drink Drink
  3. Day without air
  4. Two days in a row (overtime)
  5. Colours
  6. Long Island
  7. France
  8. Studio Apartment
  9. Three Star Hotel
  10. Classic Prick
  11. Karaoke Song


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