25 February 2024

The Clamps – Megamouth

Releasedate: 12th of January 2024
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds

The Italian trio “The Clamps” released the third record “Megamouth” in the beginning of the year. The preview said, the band is something between “Fu Manchu” and “The Hellacopters. Let see what the record is all about.

The album contains ten tracks, over three minutes each. Sounds typical and recognizable for the genre not the band. There is no sensation by release, but “The Clamps” mastery is good enough.

Anyway, studying stoner rock by “Megamouth” also worthy to heard about. Choosing the key tracks was really hard process, so I tried to pick something not so obvious. The opening track “Megamouth” is optimal for this kind of records, which introduces the whole stoner music scene. The complicated melody in “Freedom To Run (Down)” made the track expressive but not above the edge. Speedy “Bill Jenkins” repesents early hard rock or even punk, however this little audial difference haven’t change the album’s concept in general. Also recommend for listening instrumental “CuboMedusa” that includes all stoner touchpoints. The last recommendation is “Bombs” with melodic connotations through raw passages.

The band manifested the album as adrenaline-raised. In my humble opinion, there is place for gazing journeys, which is wider, deeper and in the case of “The Clamps” shorter than classic analogies.

Line up:

  • Ben – Guitars / Vocals
  • Bely – Bass
  • Marcy – Drums


  1. Megamouth
  2. Forty-Nine
  3. Freedom To Run (Down)
  4. Bill Jenkins
  5. Blood
  6. Cubomedusa
  7. Roll Back The Years
  8. Raze The Land
  9. Bombs
  10. Slippin’ Away