11 December 2023

01-04-2023 Desert Storm

Supports:  Ter Ziele, Radeloos///Ziedend
Willemeen, Arnhem (Netherlands)

It is April’s fools day but the package we will be seeing tonight ain’t no joke. In Willemeen, Arnhem it is Desert Storm who is headlining tonight.


Starting the night is the band Radeloos///Ziedend. The guys are playing for a full house tonight and we get that. Last year we saw the guys in one of the nights organized by Achterhoek Metalfest and they seemed promising back then. The same energy we remembered them from is reigning here tonight. Their combination of Black Metal with Crust Punk and a good dose of misery is fascinating us again.

The guys are powerful and yet modest in their show. The stage fits them all but we can imagine when they have some more space around them they could have a visual show to match the drama in their songs and to enhance the experience. A release is yet to be made, but the guys have a lively concert agenda so it is easy to capture their energetic tunes live before you find yourself listening to that at home.


Ter Ziele

The second band of this evening goes a bit deeper and darker. Ter Ziele leans more towards Sludge and have been seen on the road with Radeloos///Ziedend before. A match that suits them. A demo is made, but also for these guys no larger release is out yet so it is the live experience that one needs to meet them from. And what that entails, well it gives to think that with the four of them they would fit the stage just fine but their vocalist remains in front of it. We came to think it could be one way of dealing with stage fright but that sounds more negative than we would like to. It brings intimacy to a next level but for the people on the front it means they stay a bit more static as to not bother the guy.

Their darkness hits good ground though. The hysteria that feeds the vocals are going through your bones. Embraced with guitars to give it that extra eerie touch the sound of Ter Ziele hits us well tonight.

Desert Storm

Desert Storm

Desert Storm just came from their album release show in Oxford (UK). Their new release “Death Rattle” had released the day before and now they are starting the tour abroad with a show in Arnhem. They have some albums on their name so the guys are meeting an audience that is familiar with their music.

The new album is perhaps a bit short day to be listened thoroughly but with some of the singles on the setlist the guys are reaching out well. It introduces the audience with a slightly different sound than what they band has brought before, but eventually they are not straying to far from their own identity.

On the show part the band is rather modest, having the main focus be on the music to do the damage. A suitable approach for their sound and gives all opportunity to have the focus on that. The guys seem to enjoy themselves well and the audience responds well to the newer songs. A mission succeeded, a proper introduction to “Death Rattle” has been given here tonight.

Desert Storm
Desert Storm


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