23 September 2023

LORDI – Screem Writers Guild

Releasedate: 31-03-2023
Label:  Atomic Fire Records

This March, LORDI brings us a brand new album called “Screem Writerd Guild” and new guitar players. This is the 12th record of Finnish rock mastodons and also the second album the band has made in three years. Let’s see what this monstrous formation gives us this time.

My quote from 2020 regarding Lordi was: One of the most productive metal bands worldwide”. This quote stands this year as well!

Firstly, a few words about concept: The title and cover make a tribute to the film industry: “Screem (screen) Writers Guild” and poster for a horror movie. In the “SCG radio”, we hear the nominations for “80th Annual Oscartic Screem Writers Guild Award” with an unexpected ending (not for Lordi!).

Secondly, let’s talk about the lyrics. You can recognize the scariest stories at once: A lot of vampires in “In The Castle Of Dracoolove” or “Vampyro Fang Club”, zombies in “Dead Again Jane”, werewolves in “Lycantropical Island” and much more. After reading the menu of twelve tracks, you’ve got all the pun, which is fun!

Thirdly, the music. From year to year, we get the vibes of that heavy odor of 70s with lots of keyboards and even guitar solos. The huge examples are “Unliving Picture Show” and “Heavengeance”. The most melodic-like ballads “The castle of Dracoolove” and “The Bride” make a nice twist. “Vampyro Fang Club” sounds like an anthem. The last track “Lycifer Prime Evil” is closer to rock and LORDI themselves.

After listening to the “Screem Writers Guild” (and watching movies in my heads) I can nominate LORDI in following categories: “Best Costume Design” and “Best Original Song”. Doesn’t matter what film it would be!


Line up:
  • Mr. Lordi – vocals
  • Kone – guitars
  • Hiisi – bass
  • Hella – keyboards
  • Mana – drums


  1. Dead Again Jayne
  2. SCG XVIII: Nosferuiz Horror Show
  3. Unliving Picture Show
  4. Inhumanoid
  5. Thing In The Cage
  6. Vampyro Fang Club
  7. The Bride
  8. Lucyfer Prime Evil
  9. Scarecrow
  10. Lycantropical Island
  11. In The Castle Of Dracoolove
  12. The SCG Awards
  13. Heavengeance
  14. End Credits


Atomic Fire Records