24 June 2024
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5x New – week 42

Yesterdaze is a young and extremely potent rock band out of Oslo, Norway, with a vocalist from Iceland.
Through captivating, emotive, and aggressively addictive songs Yesterdaze seeks to captivate and mesmerize the listener. Their incredible live energy and the bands technical capability, paired with Armann’s unique and raw vocals, makes their live performances unforgettable, and their songs exceptionally catchy.
Seeb comments:
“”Final Days” is a record about various scenarios how the world could end. “December“ is a song about a genetically modified killer virus that was somehow released and kills (almost?) every human being on planet earth, while civilizations and societies collapse.
The song was written in 2019, long before the Corona Pandemic startet. We decided to not put this track on the album out of respect for the victims of the pandemic. Now the world looks different than in 2020. We felt it was about time to finally release the track. Enjoy!”
Beneath My Feet about the song: “It’s a hard hitting trip into the mind of someone knowing that their end is near, how it changes them. When stripped of all control and headed straight towards damnation, what’s left to do but embrace your path? What’s more human than reclaiming your agency, commanding; Dig My Grave!”
Dymytry’s latest album Revolt practically bursts with a high-voltage energy, strong melodies and powerful rhythms driven by mercilessly modern metal. The record was produced by Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner & Hans Koch at the Kohlekeller / Babylon Studios, and is available as CD Digipak and an exclusive Boxset via AFM Records