22 September 2023

07-10-2022 Cradle of Filth

Supports: Alcest, Naraka
Hedon, Zwolle (Netherlands)

Cradle of Filth and Alcest are touring together and tonight they are playing in Zwolle. Due to technical errors there are no photo’s time.

Starting this evening was the band Naraka. The guys make a combination of Death and Black and a diversity of other elements here and there to spice it up. At first the guys do not seem to stand out to me. A recognizable sound, nothing to crazy but after a few track it are the small details that make that the band is interesting to watch. Don’t give up on them too easily if you are coming across them still. The guys released their album “In Tenebris” almost a year ago and so they took the chance to promote it well here tonight.

Alcest is maybe not the most likely alliance with Cradle of Filth but the fact that the two are touring together serves the all round metalhead quite well. Shoegaze in a melancholic and sometimes a bit sinister way is what the guys are up for and it is also quite a contrast with the starting band. Yet it seems that they have no trouble in captivating their audience. The tension building in the songs they play and smart choices in the setlist give the people a varied experience of Alcest. Vocalist Neige is his calm self but brings in enough power at the moments it is needed and with the pre-pandemic album being the last they released the fans got enough time to listen to these songs and know them quite well. A dreamy and good set from these French guys!

Headliner Cradle of Filth brought even more people in. With many years on the counter and their status as a band that brought many youngsters into metal through the years they are bringing some expectations tonight. About a year ago the guys released their album “Existence Is Futile” and they are eager to promote it here today. But the band of course does not skip on classic like for example “Nymphetamine” either. What comes to notice is that the band is having a well thought show. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but they are putting a lot of effort in bringing a bit extra to enhance the live experience and it suits them well. Confetti flies over the audience when they get to the end of their set and they show the audience that they are a band that can bring us a good show.
They outgrown their image, they modernized it and simply go with what works for them and they successfully get their fans along.


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