23 September 2023
Martin Winter

Winter – Looking Back

Releasedate:   2022
Label:  Wintergothic Records

Winter is a German project by Markus Winter. Besides making music he is also writing books. And while he serves as multi instrumentalist, he also has some other members along in this project. This year the album “Looking Back” got released.

Interesting fact is that this album is released as limited edition, numbered with handwriting. Makes the album a collectors piece. Musically we get a rock album with some gloomy, melancholic vibes. A gothic feel can be sensed as well making this album perfect for the dreary autumn days that are ahead of us. The songs are all a written in the past years and with sixteen tracks you can say you get your moneys worth on the quantity side for sure.
Some of the most standing out are “A Love Worth Dying For” and “Blood Red Vengeance” as they are so passionate and heartfelt. You can hear Markus is sometimes going a bit more rock with some heavier guitars and sometimes choose to stay on a more intimate path.

It is remarkable that this collection of songs are suiting very well together. Being written in a more than two decade wide time span it still comes together nicely. “Looking Back” is summarizing it all very well, an interesting release by Winter!


Line up:

Markus Winter – vocals & guitar, bass, synthesizer, keyboards, violins
Hugo Ribeiro – drums
Michael Donner – synthesizer & keyboards
Jasmin Stillger – vocal & backing vocal
Biana Stillger – vocal & backing vocal
Dany Winter – vocal & backing vocal
Tom Jott – vocal & backing vocal
Dirk Hardegen – vocal & backing vocal

Markus Winter


  1. We Believe In Rock
  2. Comming Home
  3. Heartbreak Road
  4. The Flyer
  5. Child Of Everdream
  6. Blood Red Vengeance
  7. Princess Of The Night
  8. Beneath The Blue
  9. We Wear Black
  10. Angel
  11. Bleeding Heart
  12. On The Run
  13. I Stand Alone
  14. Gasoline
  15. A Love Worth Dying For
  16. Take It Slow