27-04-2022 Bodyfarm

Others:  Death Man's Walking
Willemeen, Arnhem (The Netherlands)

Today is Kingsday in The Netherlands and after 2 years without a celebration, the city of Arnhem was crowded for the many stages that bands programmed this day. Willemeen was taking care of the Metal minded people and had booked a whole bunch of bands today. We went by to see some Bodyfarm and managed to catch Dead Man’s Walk on the go. A short review of what we saw.

Death Man’s Walk is a formation from Nijmegen that has been around since 2008. They make Death/Thrash and they released their first full length album called “Below” in October last year. They had a short set but did not have much trouble to energize the audience. With som moshing going on the audience is having a good time. For one who does not know the band it may be a bit interesting to see. They do not seem to steer in one specific direction, gathering a wilde range of influences into their sound. Sometimes more groove, sometime more MeloDeath… they tend to take you back and forth. One could argue they are still looking for what defines them, but it appears more that they simply play what they like and bring that in regardless it sticking with a generic feel.

Works for them today as it seems.

Bodycount is no stranger for those regularly seeing shows. The band has been quite active, releasing their last album called “Dreadlord” in 2019. For opening the show they chose some older material though. “Unbroken” and “Vortex of Terror” from 2013 release “The Coming Scourge”.

The venue is packed by now and when the guys thow in their riffs the audience responds well to it. A substantial pit starts, some crowdsurfing, the giant Kingsday decorational crown hanging above those royally enjoying their day.
The band chose for a wide range of their discography tonight, not having their focus on their latest only which seems to work out well. Tight set, bringing an energetic performance and a well responding audience shows that Bodyfarm is a name that you certainly should see when they cross your path.


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