5 June 2023
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5x New – week 14

Both popular music and popular artists should always strive to surprise listeners with good ideas, powerful and sometimes unexpected content, as well as great songs, which Rammstein never fails to do.
The text from “Zick Zack” and the video talk about what today is often a compulsive tendency of the individual towards self-optimization, sometimes through a radical alteration of their own physical appearance with the use of a skull.
Alongside its pre-order kickoff, ALESTORM have released the charging first single from the new album, “Magellan’s Expedition” – an epic quest telling the tale of Ferdinand Magellan’s historical circumnavigation of the earth in 1522. The official video was filmed on location in a castle, features tons of pyro, and of course, a huge yellow laser-eyed rubber duck fighting a young maiden warrior, transforming her into a real, beautiful duck! Featuring majestic orchestral backing, whirling folky violins and huge Latin choirs, this song is classic ALESTORM like you haven’t heard in years – a real throwback to the early days of Captain Morgan’s Revenge!
Dark singer-songwriter act THE DEVIL’S TRADE is now releasing a brand new live video for the track ‘Dreams for the Rot’! The video was shot during the live performance at the prestigious Roadburn Redux festival last year, and celebrates the upcoming live performances which are scheduled for April.
Arizona thrash metal behemoths INCITE today unleash a new video for “Mental Destruction.” The video comes off the band’s Wake Up Dead full-length, out TODAY via Atomic Fire Records.
FLOWERLEAF are back and they are ready to start their Dreamerie journey! As a forerunner, they just released a brand new single along with a music video called The Storm.
The Storm is the first single from the Dreamerie – Chapter I: Time. It’s a song about self-confidence, fighting for what you want and fulfilling your destiny.