Infected Rain – Ecdysis

Releasedate:   07-01-2021
Label:  Napalm Records

Infected Rain is a Female Fronted Metal band from Moldavia. Musically they find themselves with Metalcore, some groove and melodic edges. The band is releasing their fifth album already, breaking out a bit further with “Ecdysis” on their name.

What comes to notice right away is vocalist Lena which has the ability to split from sweet and gentle to raw and vehement. Both sides done equally skillful. Kind of the spotlight of the release when you hear it. Even though musically I would not easily put the link there, it does remind a bit to Amaranthe, this “Ecdysis”, but then musically more Jinjer. Such an odd combo.

Instrumentally Lena gets a good back up. Not spectacularly drawing attention, but well thought. Looking at what draws our attention most you come to the track “The Realm Of Chaos” which has a feature with Heidi Shepherd. It has a lot of catchiness and we can imagine the song to be doing well live.
“November” is also a track that listens easily and sticks around long.

Although we can imagine it is not everyone’s cup of tea, from those of who listen this genre the Infected Rain album is done well. “Ecdysis” has its moments and comes with a lot of energy. We have the feeling this band is great to see live, so hopefully the summer will bring some of that.


Line up:

Elena “Lena Scissorhands” Cataraga – vocals
Vadim “Vidick” Ojog – guitars
Vladimir Babici – bass
Serghei Babici – guitars
Eugen Voluta – drums

Infected Rain


  1. Postmortem Pt. 1
  2. Fighter
  3. Longing
  4. Goodbye
  5. The Realm Of Chaos Feat. Heidi Shepherd
  6. Everlasting Lethargy
  7. These Walls
  8. Showers
  9. November
  10. Never The Same
  11. Nine, Ten
  12. Postmortem Pt. 2