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5x New – week 52

Alternate version of the song ”The Mountain” from the album ”Chants From Another Place”, released by Kscope in March 2020.
“Wainamoinen” is the name of the mighty sorcerer in the Finnish “Kalevala”. In the old Finnish myths, he is said to be able to work great magic only with the power of his singing and the playing of his harp. With celtic harp, lute, hurdy-gurdy and polyphonic singing, this atmospheric ballad is based on the motifs of the old Finnish rune songs and describes the deeds of the great “Wainamoinen”.
Produced by: FAUN Phoenix GbR & Kilian Keuchel / Germany 2021
MAGEIA, the brainchild of singer/songwriter Liza Kay has unleased a video for their stunning new song, the rock ballad “Nu Sun”. The track will be available on all streaming services next month.

Liza comments:

“I would like to wish everyone a great holiday season. Enjoy the video,  love & Peace to all of you!”
Taken from the album “The Outsider” which is out now and features 10 different singers, 19 Tracks, 81 Minutes The guest singers: Elisa Pezzuto, Daphne Nisi, Johanna Mattsson, Göran Edman, Markku Kuikka, Conny Lind, Walle Wahlsten, Adrienn Antal, Niko Mattila. Lars is also handing vocals on some songs as well as providing backing vocals to most tracks.
After ten years of their last album Brazilian voodoo-industrial- goth band Pecadores returns with a great new single “Cangaceiro Macabro” part of the upcoming album “Diabo que me carregue” to be released in 2022.