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5x New – week 40

GHOST is back… Well kind-of. The band’s new single and video is part of the soundtrack for the upcoming Halloween Kills movie. Enjoy!
The fourth single from The Great Discord’s upcoming album “DEAM MORTE”. Video produced by Pazuzu Recordings
“Hvítir Sandar is about feeling like you’re being defeated by your own faults and demons. It’s about self-acceptance. Even if you carry a darkness within, it’s what makes you who you are, and you shouldn’t have to change for other people.”
The song features the legendary Alcest.
New MERCURY CIRCLE (feat. members of CHILDREN OF BODOM & SWALLOW THE SUN) video for “LIKE MATCHES (feat. Cammie Gilbert)” out now! New album, “KILLING MOONS”, out NOW on Noble Demon: https://music.nobledemon.com/moons